Jul 18, 2018
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Hello Experts,

We are an affiliate website partnered with a company who operates from 70 depots.

They have their own GMB listings for all of their depots but we along with another affiliate website (my competitor) also use these locations for our own GBM listings to. What we have done is move the location marker slightly so it's not on the same unit etc.

I know that google doesn't approve of this tactic but in the most part it works , and for some of the depots , either us or the other affiliate appear in the Snack Pack , sometimes in place of the actual company we are partnered with.

I also link our GBM locations to our branch pages to assist with rankings for our local landing pages

I am reluctant to remove these GBM as it would harm the site and we obviously get the local relevancy from these linking to our local branch pages etc.

My question , does anyone have any expertise on how affiliates can rank for multiple depots and how can I improve my rankings for our maps within our GMB and also our GMB listings.

I know there must be a map issue of some sort affecting rankings from the google algo's , as when I asked John Mueller some time ago, he had a quick look at our site, as he said he wasn't sure if there's multiple companies from the same locations or multiple sites doing the same thing so he knew there was a map issue.

what are peoples thoughts with how affiliates can rank for multiple locations where the company you are partnered with has physical depots. JM also told me on a hangout that there no problem with displaying the partnered companies branch addresses on your branch pages but I am sceptical.

Any thoughts /ideas on this would be greatly appreciated



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Jul 18, 2012
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Hey Pete,

Possum automatically filters these out if you are competing for the same category. It's also not a strategy I would invest much time in because overnight, Google could remove them all if someone reported them. I would suggest focusing efforts on how you can improve organic.
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