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Sep 5, 2013
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Google finally gave me this option where it will retain all the other Google email addresses.

Is this wise to let Google keep track of these? Will I be penalized for working in so many Google client accounts?

Or should I remove each one every time I need to login to another clients name (time consuming)?

See screenshot example.


Am I asking a silly question? It's just that starting this week the format looked different and it seems like Google wants to suddenly remember what I have logged out of (previously it would just log out and present me with a blank login window).
Don't know and have not heard about this.

Sorry, crazy Google update rolling out right now so I'm consumed with trying to figure out what's up.
I started noticing that too the other day. I am paranoid to load up all my clients accounts into one place, but do not know either way if it matters.

That option only shows up in Firefox for me so far, so I have just switched over to Chrome for the time being.

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