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Have you tried reaching out to support using this form? They may take some time to reply, but they should be able to pinpoint the issue that is causing the inaccessibility.

Also, if you add a link to the GMB local community thread you started on the issue we may be able to provide more help with more details.
Oops my apologies I didn't see the link to the post.

You said you've sent multiple postcards, but have not yet received one. When you tried to send the postcard, does it give you a message that the card is on the way and you'll receive it within 5 days? If so, maybe there is an issue with the post office or receiving mail at this address?

Also, when it created a secondary listing in the account, is that one also suspended? Perhaps the CID for the first suspended listing in your account is different from the live one. In this case, you may have to delete the original listing and try to send the postcard to the second, live listing.

On the page you reference, which form are you referencing? :)

I am referencing this form => Sign in - Google Accounts

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