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Sep 16, 2022
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We are seeing hardly any of our Google posts going through. It's particularly frustrating as we scheduled them all in our software and spent a lot of time. But now have noticed hardly any of them are going through... maybe 1 in 10.

I must admit we are using chat gpt to write captions and sometimes stock images/pinterest etc. At first I thought this may be the reason however we previously used exactly the same method with our previous software "One up" and had no issue.

It's only since we moved to our new software "Go High Level" that we've had these issues...

Also strangely, some posts show as rejected in our software, but then display in our Google updates feed that only we can see as the business owner, but aren't displayed publicly...

Any advice appreciated.

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 15.14.28.jpg
We put together s list of common reason posts get rejected here - Google Business Profile Posts Rejected? Here’s why! - Top Rated SEO Advice

Based on your screenshot, it could be the amount of skin in the posts. @mblumenthal has pointed out that this can be interpreted by Google's AI systems as too "racy" .

Thank you Colan, sorry I am a bit confused by what you mean exactly...please could you define what you mean by "skin" and "racy".

Too many emoji's or keyword terms is my assumption but I'm not sure.

The pictures are generally simplistic.

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