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Nov 19, 2015
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I know some people say the Fetch as Google didn't improve rankings or help with indexing, but for a lot of stuff I do it definitely helped.

although not a news site I would keep an eye out on current affairs, news stories, then do little blog posts with big emphasis on click bait type headlines.
I would make a post, fetch in using the URL inspection tool, request indexing to give the post a boost and get it indexed and ranking straight away.

Since this has been switched Off I appear have less control on which posts I want immediately indexed and I'm now finding other pages on the same site are ranking if they have a link to the new page instead of the new page.

Anyone know of an alternative to the request indexing feature of the URL inspection tool?
I was wondering this too. I recently made changes to some page on my website and they have not been crawled in a while, some of them as far back as 5 months ago. I was wondering how to get them crawled now that I have made the changes.

I changed up the sitemap a bit and submitted it hoping it would trigger a whole site re-crawl, but nothing.
Yeah, I did similar.
added a new Sitemap with just 4 or 5 of my latest posts, dropped links on 2 or 3 other sites, used the rich snippets tool, page speed tool but still no joy.

New posts that I could get indexed and ranking within minutes of posting them are now taking days :-(
If you are using WordPress Rankmath has a really good indexing tool.
That looks as though it just uses the same Fetch that search console uses so I would assume that's stopped working too
JohnMu has posted something on Twitter about the URL submission tool - including a link to a google docs document asking why people miss it.

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