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Jan 26, 2017
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I would like to do a search by keyword/industry and find which sites have gained the most rank for that term/industry to see if I can spot any trends in method but mostly webdesign/structure for that particular industry.

Especially given the move to focus more on topics instead of keywords onsite.

I am currently using semrush,spyfu, powersuite and an excessive number of other tools with which I can get information on competitors...but most of the competitors that rank organically above me now are national companies, directories ect. I will never compete with backlinks, they are 20-30,000 ahead and although I do business only locally my customers come 93% from outside my local area.

I am trying to find a way to be quicker, more nimble and more relevant and i am thinking someone probably already either on purpose or inadvertently is getting this "topics" thing done well in another part of the country in my niche.

Pipe-dream for this type of search?

Thank you for any input.
Re: I think I am looking for a nonexistent comparison tool but......

Hi Hunter,

I think SERPWoo may be just what you are looking for.


SEO Rank Tracking & Deep SERP Analysis

Are social signals important, are they not? If so, which ones? What about backlinks, authority thresholds, and link velocity?

SERPWoo is different since it tracks ALL of the top 20+ results for keywords you selected and help you reverse engineer them.

SERPWoo allows you to spot new competitors, look up their stats and get an idea of what they are doing to get to the top.

Dig in and check it out! It's always looked a little complicated to me compared to a regular rank tracker, but does so much more. For analysis and reverse-engineering the algo I think it's probably the most robust tool out there.

What do you think? If you have questions, they are members here, I could give them a shout.

Anyone else using SERPWoo?

Re: I think I am looking for a nonexistent comparison tool but......

You might also try SimilarWeb, they tend to have a lot of very specific traffic data for websites. It's not just a trend, though, you have to have a particular site in mind and you can see the data for that site.

Also, have you looked at Google Trends?
Re: I think I am looking for a nonexistent SEO comparison tool but......

Thank you Linda!
This may be the one tool I haven't tried,I never shy away from good tools.

Long ago in a former life I worked in the construction industry. It was always noted that good tools don't cost you money, they make you money!

  • Do your research
  • Understand the data
  • Consult with experts
  • Develop a good Plan
  • Test your results

This forum is great. It has helped me immensely and is one of the top tools in my arsenal helping with each of those areas.
Re: I think I am looking for a nonexistent SEO comparison tool but......

Thank you for this suggestion also, I will give it a look.
Google trends is a great tool, I find it more useful for head terms and maybe a level or two deep, but it starts to fall a tad short when you try to drill down locally.
Thank you for the suggestions!
Nice one, Linda!

This one seems to have slipped under the radar but three words got my attention: "Local SEO Tracking'

Accurate localized results for sub-domains is my holy grail :cool:

Site says "Local SEO Using GPS coordinates for accuracy" - any idea how accurate they are on even just a zip code basis? [h=2][/h]
I PMed CCarter yesterday to alert to this thread. Hopefully someone will be by to answer Qs soon.
any idea how accurate they are on even just a zip code basis? [h=2][/h]

Sorry for the extremely late response. I'm not good with emails. Within SERPWoo you can use zip codes and it dues the querying exactly the same way Google does it to serve it's users using the UULE variable (More about UULE: Geolocation: The Ultimate Tip to Emulate Local Search).

So you can input Chicago IL or 60607 zip code to be more specific and you WILL see 2 different sets of results because it's Geo-located for those users. With SERPWoo you can see the GPS Coordinate with a map of the location so you know you are getting the right location the only thing you cannot do at the moment is input GPS coordinates and then select the closest location you want - yet.


Regarding the OP, I think you'll need to monitor your keywords at a local level and then use BuzzSumo and a combination of Ahref's topic finding technique (video: How to Increase Organic Traffic by Analyzing Your Competitors' Top Pages)

What I would do is focus on the local competitors who are ranking and use those URLs/domains to analyze the keywords/topics they are ranking for as well. Then I would create content around those topics using BuzzSumo to help you navigate the topic and make it more likeable/shareable so it spread on it's own within your industry (semi-viral).

So for example if you breed Huskies dogs in "Chicago IL", and want to sell the dogs to locals AND people in the surrounding area, I'd first input into any keyword tool (or SERPWoo's Keyword Finder), "buy huskies dogs" for the immediate bottom of the funnel buying terms (action term) and find keywords/topics/related terms for that.

(If some are not aware I talk about keyword funnel in the Digital Crash Course at BuSo Day 6 - Keyword Research - it's a free forum and you don't need to register to read it - It talks about the Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action steps users take when discovering a subject to eventually becoming a customer. I always suggest hitting all 4 funnels cause Newbies become Experts all the time. - I apologize if this is against any forum rules, you can remove it)

Then I would input and "How To Care For Huskies" or "Care for Huskies" for the top of the funnel (Awareness terms) into a keyword tool and find related terms that you want to rank for. Go for big ones AND small ones, have a mix in there and start monitoring them in your rank tracker WITH your location inputted. Look at the competitor domains that are ranking for those terms, and find out what other keywords they are coming up for using the Ahrefs technique in the video - therefore building a local keyword and local topic list.

I then would input the two "care for huskies" and "buy huskie dogs" into BuzzSumo and find the most shared content around those two topics, and "absorb" the messaging. Then I'd create the content going after both sides top of the funnel and bottom of the funnel while throwing in localized LSI terms that you found in your rank tracking research that makes sense.

You don't need to create "Buy Chicago Huskies" and "Buy Huskies in Illinois" content cause it's mostly duplicate and spammy and won't rank like it used to 3-5 years ago. However by having your website with the right local signals (NAP) you'll start ranking for those "How to Care for Huskies" in the Chicago, Illinois, Midwest area - and eventually national because your topics are so focused - and you'll do more with less backlinks than the bigs can do with power.

I apologize if this post seems all over the place I'm in the mist of a major update/upgrade to SW, if anyone has any questions let me know!

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