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Oct 1, 2015
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I set up a new Local Plus Page. I have now a standard URL for that page which consists of numbers. Google offers (after some time as I noticed) an option to change it to your individual URL. Does anyone know what are the conditions to get that option available? Is it a fixed amount of days the Local Plus Page is verified or the number of views? Or something else? I'd glad if anyone could help me:).

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The custom URL is a bit of a misnomer in my book. You can't really select what goes into the URL - that is determined by Google's algorithm. If you don't like what's being offered, you can only decline it and wait for a (hopefully) better offer.

This is Google's help article on when a custom URL might be offered: - although they do say a local page just has to be verified to get offered a URL, it can take a while to be offered one. All you can do is wait basically.
Priya is spot on from my experience. I will add that it seems to be a metric of authority or trust towards your + page.

I would add links to other social profiles ie twitter, quora, facebook, pinterest, instagram handles.

A profile with many followers or authoritative followers, as well as authority on your other social handles seems to be what triggers the custom handle in my experience.

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Thank you both for the tips!

Cody, do you mean links to social profiles in the local G+ page description?
It's easy to link to other social handles from personal g+ page. However, Local + pages don't offer that functionality. So I make sure that the GMB page is linked to website. Then make sure that the website connects to the other social profiles.

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