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Oct 1, 2013
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I have a client who is actively requesting Angies lists reviews from his clients and he would like to ask them to submit the review they write to google too. Since Angies list is a private site, I thought this might be ok, but wanted to double check here to see if anyone has experience around this, thanks!! Appreciate you all so much!
Don't have 1st hand experience.

But what I do know is that Google is all-knowing and all-seeing.

So I would not risk it. Many feel that when Google finds reviews that are duplicates on other sites, it deletes them from Google.

Angie's List, does post some snippets of reviews publicly that can be spidered too, like this:
Best Fairbanks, AK Orthopedic Surgeons | Angie's List
If your client's customers were to cross-post on any site, I'd say Angie's List is the least-problematic of the bunch - just because it's such a walled garden. But as Linda said, it's not worth it. If customers are happy enough to go to the trouble of posting two reviews, they won't mind tweaking one of the reviews.

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