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Aug 13, 2012
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Link to your Place Page/Google+ Local page =

Business name, address, phone and categories copied exactly from inside your dashboard =
4329 West 26th Street
Chicago IL 60623
United States
Omega Locksmith | 773-277-5625 | 4329 West 26th Street | Chicago, IL. 60623 | #1 Chicago Locksmith Service

catergory = LOCKSMITH

If recently claimed or PIN verified, when? = Claimed back in 2010

Description of problem and screen shot if it would help. = I just cant seem to MOVE up Im in the 7 pack 1 day and on position 8 , 9 10 the other day
i maybe thought it was a google dance but i dont think thats the case

maybe a member here can chime in and maybe give me an idea what Im doing wrong

Re: Any advice on why im not ranking anymore

Hi Jose,

I'm too tired to trust any advice I would give at 11 PM. PLUS I'm afraid to make any recommendations because Locksmith's as you know are such a touchy issue with Google. I'd be afraid if I suggested any changes even if for the better any edit could send you into the ozone. :eek:

But I did notice several issue including several probs on your web site. So will try to weigh in when I'm more awake BUT totally buried with clients so could be a couple days. Hopefully other members will give you feedback too.
Re: Any advice on why im not ranking anymore

Sounds good Linda. Thank you.

Actually Im good with making edits Ive done a few and my listing has not disappeared or gone into pending mode. Unlike years ago.

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Accounts I have created becasue LOCAL SEO people have suggested I do so

all created a few months ago (maybe 3 or 4 )

Google Maps:

Google Account Same Account for Google Listing, Flickr, Panaramio, Google map, Google Profiles,
Google +, Google Analytics, Google Voice, Google Webmastertool Yahoo, Bing Webmastertool, and Yahoo Webmastertool

Panoramio Photos:
Panoramio Map Profile:

Flickr Profile:
Flickr Map Profile:
Flickr Photostream:
Google + Profile:
Google business page:
Overall looks like you're doing well. Proximity seems to play a role for the 7-pack.

A quick review shows me that you should blow everyone out of the water. However, the site reads like a text book example of over-optimization.
Ya that's the main thing I was going to say Jose. That footer in particular is just plain spammy. Makes absolutely no sense to have your own name Omega Locksmith on the home page in the footer 4 TIMES all linking back to the home page. That's just spammy and not really sound or helpful I don't think. Plus the double NAP in footer is excessive. Plus it's just kinda keyword stuffed in places.

I'd hire a Local SEO that's really good and ethical to clean it up and do some good sound SEO and clean up the over-optimization if I were you.
Sorry slammed and getting ready to go into training then gone for rest of day. Will figure out the best person to refer you to and email you in the next couple days.
Hi Jose,
The locksmith industry has probably been the most highly spammed of any over the years, so strange ranking happenings are not uncommon.

A couple of things I noticed.

On your Google+ page, I see this description:

From the owner: ?Our highly trained Chicago Locksmith is licensed and focused on first class service and have access to the latest Car technology and equipment available. Call us today for all your car key need?

Linda - wouldn't you agree with me that removing Chicago from the description would be a smart idea. Once upon a time, Google forbid the use of geo keywords in their descriptions, and though that language was then removed from the guidelines, I suspect it may still play a part.

Jose - you also need to correct the English in the description. You have a single pronoun, 'locksmith', paired with a plural verb, 'have'. That doesn't read smoothly.

Your website content is over optimized. It does not read naturally and needs to be edited for better human user-friendliness.

The title tag on your homepage is also over optimized. If internal tags follow this same pattern, you are over-doing things.

You don't appear to have a unique contact page. The navigation link is skipping me down the page to contact form. You need to have a wonderful, unique contact us page. This is one of the basics of good local optimization.

Your NAP (name, address, phone number) is absent from the footer. It is on a header-type element at the top of some pages, I see, but I'd put it in the footer.

Repetition of links to your homepage in the footer is unnecessary and could appear spammy. What is the 'real locksmiths' link doing for you?

Basically, from what I can see, you've got a 2 page website+ a blog. This is a very small site. I would recommend that you grow your website to include service pages and possibly other pages as well.

On the positive side, I like your design very much. It looks clean and attractive. I think you can improve many aspects of what you are doing, but at least you've got a good looking website and that's a start!

These were just a few thoughts I had from a glance at your site. Doubtless, deeper digging needs to happen, but I hope this was helpful.
i would break it down into 3 areas

Local optimization - it looks like you have a good number of citations and your local site is all fine. Proximity could be a limiting factor. Obviously moving is not practical. Previous flagging issues could haunt you as well.

On page - as Miriam and Linda said. A lot of it is very well done, just over done. You don't really need 30 duplicate pages with the exact same content, except for the keyword.

Off page - how did you get all those back links? You have like 22,000. Your top competitor has like 200.

All things considered, you should be #1 forever. But since you're not, I would work on one thing at a time and test the results.

Miriam sounds like she might be in favor of assisting you.

On a side note, I would encourage you to develop a well-rounded lead generation strategy than relies very little on Google and more on things you can control with 100% certainty.
Jose I hear you already reached out to Miriam who is one of my favorite people to work with, so I'd say you are in great hands!
Thank you, Linda. I hope Jose and I can work together to get his website into tiptop shape!

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