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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, any FREE and accurate Blog Stats utility I can use to see how many views [visitors] my blog is getting please?
Thanks. I found this video here: How to Track Blog Traffic in Google Analytics
and followed it's instructions by typing /blog/ in the search bar but its not showing any of the blogs?
Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 9.01.34 AM.jpg
While on that analytics page you should see a list of pages if the analytics code was installed directly before you typed /blog/ in the field.

Also, if 'blog' is not in your url structure then it will filter to zero results.
When I clicked on ALL PAGES this shoed all of the site's regular pages only and not the blogs
When I clicked on ALL PAGES this shoed all of the site's regular pages only and not the blogs
Maybe they aren't index? Are the blog posts part of the site or a different site? Make sure your main navigation has a link to latest blog posts (help the spiders find them) and make sure you are submitting sitemaps with new posts to Google and Bing.

Also, double check GA to see it the TITLES of blog posts are shown. If they are part of your main site, they won't be labeled as blogs.
I same site and yes they are indexed. I submit each blog in the GSC and create internal links. Will look more into this issue when I get the chance
Some of our clients don't have a "/blog/" folder in their URL. In those cases, we create an exclude list on a view segment. We then list all their normal pages, and what's left over is their blog posts.

If you're not seeing anything on Google Analytics for the blog posts, you may want to check if you're filtering them out somewhere along the way. Certainly if you're not logged in, and you view a post, then it should at least be registering 1 viewer.

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