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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, is it possible for anyone to get a GMB for Affiliate Marketing in any way and if yes, what would I need to do to get the best chance for acceptance please?
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Hi Mike,

If you mean online affiliate marketing, I don't see how you can set up a Google Business Profile for that, nor what the benefit would be.

Basically, you have to either have a physical store that people can visit or have a local area you service, like a plumber or other contractor would, visiting customers.

I don't see how that would fit in with online affiliate marketing.

More on the eligibility requirements here: Guidelines for representing your business on Google - Google Business Profile Help

Hey Chris. Well, I am thinking more like being a 'referral' service for local services, like Angi and Home Advisor? To sell leads to local servicemen.
Oh, got ya -

I don't think Google allows profiles intended for lead generation, but I can't find the specific policy stating that.

There are people that do that, some on a nationwide basis, and apparently it's a pretty successful business model, but they get removed when reported,

Sorry the late response Chris. I am thinking if top most popular rererral sites like Angi and Home Advisor are in the local pack then there shouldn't be any 'reporting' or illegal issues with this?
Mike, could you please post a screenshot of Angi in a local pack? In all my years working with home contractors, I've never seen that. I've seen plenty of lead gen companies — specifically in lawn care and holiday lighting — try it, but it's been no problem to remove them.
I honestly can't remember off the top of my head which local services keywords I was searching for when doing the research when I had seen them in the 3-pack but will post back here whenever next I should come across it.

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