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Dec 7, 2012
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[FONT=trebuchet ms,sans-serif]Nokia is really making a push into mobile software and is including their new Nokia Drive+ and Nokia Maps app on all of their new hardware by default. A good one to add to the list of submissions?
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Awesome Dave. Thanks so much for sharing and suggesting.

Smart move to add this to your list of sites to submit to I think.
In my area at least, if you go to add your business to Bing Local, it directs you to add it via the Nokia site. So two birds with one stone?

I'd say it's worth submitting to Nokia. It's easy to do so. The only tiny speed-bump is they require postcard verification. But as long as you and your clients are on the same page and know to expect a card, no worries there.
Phil, you might know the answer to this one: how long does it usually take for Nokia to get the postcard out to you? It's been almost three weeks for one client. Shouldn't be taking THAT long, I wouldn't think.

In my experience so far, it usually takes more on the side of 1-2 weeks for my clients to receive the postcard. If it's been 3 weeks, I'd probably just get it re-sent.
Nokia has moved everything to HERE PrimePlaces and they now allow for verification through a post card or business documentation similar to Axciom or your Facebook page (as long as you have atleast 30 likes)
In an all time verification speed record for anything besides phone, I received the following email from Nokia this morning after submitting my business license last night.

Your business, is now verified


Your verification by document is complete.

If you added your business to HERE Maps before verifying, it could take up to 2 weeks before it becomes searchable on HERE apps and our partner services. If your place was already on HERE Maps, and you claimed it before verifying, it?s searchable right now.

The more info you add to your business listing, the more likely that customers will choose you over your competitors. Add photos, a detailed description, opening hours and other info about your place now, or whenever you wish, on the HERE PrimePlaces website.

Kind regards,
The HERE PrimePlaces team
I have been trying to get a client listed for months now. I have requested the card be resent twice now. It finally arrived yesterday. when I login to HERE PrimePlaces to try to verify for the client, the page says they are closed for improvements, but the url says noLongerSupported


Not sure what's going on, does anyone know?

Yep, saw the same as you here in the UK last week and wondered if it was just a glitch of possibly something a little more permanent. Will keep an eye on it and update here if I notice anything change.
In early 2013 I submitted approx two dozen sites for the same client to Nokia Maps, and the postcards rarely got to the business locations. I tried multiple times to get the postcards resent, with the same poor results.

It was especially frustrating since Bing was displaying bad pin locations for a few sites - yet their staff explained the changes had to be verified thru Nokia (Navteq at the time). Eventually we just moved on, figuring that as time passed maybe the corrections would sink in from other data sources. There seemed to be no way to ensure that a location could be properly verified.

A few weeks ago I checked back into Nokia Prime Places & was pleasantly surprised to find every location was "verified", even though store management swore to me there were no independent postcard verifications performed. I'm now going to attempt resetting the pin locations again, and attempting again to contact Bing support to address pin locations. Maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel after all.
Is anyone else having trouble adding or updating their listings to Nokia maps/ Every time I try to claim a listing I get the following message, " Sorry! PrimePlaces cannot accept your data at this time. If you would like to add your business to the map, check out HERE Map Creator."

I have no idea how to add a listing to the HERE Map Creator. Any feedback is appreciated :)

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