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Jun 18, 2019
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I noticed in Sterling Sky's most recent Google My Business Category Changes by Month (THANK YOU Sterling Sky for creating this) that the Business Banking Service GMB category is now available. I have been trying to add it to a U.S.-based enterprise-level bank (360+ locations) without success. This new category errors out in every location I try to add it to, including using the bulk upload spreadsheet. Too soon to add? Or is this category not available for U.S. locations? Any help will be appreciated!
I haven't added it yet but would suggest if you're running into issue to reach out to GMB support. It's possible there is some technical issue that they might not be aware of since it's a brand new category.
Update: After chatting with Krystal Taing, she said she's not seeing it in the API either so this category likely isn't fully launched yet. Sometimes the tool we use picks up on categories before they are officially listed. This happened once last year.

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