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May 6, 2019
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You used to be able to edit a post, but now that feature isn't available. When clicking on the options for any post I only see: "Delete" or "View Post on Search."

Hoping this is just a bug or glitch, but I have noticed it across multiple client's GMB listings.
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Hi @KevinDoory -

I am not having that problem. I spot-checked a few of my listings after reading your post, and I cannot reproduce the issue.

Are you seeing this issue with all locations for which you are a user, or just one or just a few?
I see it on multiple clients. Some I am a user and on other's I have the owner login. I have tried logging out and switching users. So far I have not been able to find a post I can edit.


Example 2:

@KevinDoory Those are product posts, yes? I believe that is the issue. We can't edit any of our product posts but we can edit our event posts. It's likely related to the changes they're making to product posts- there's a little info about those changes in this thread.

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