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Mar 5, 2013
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I have a couple listings in this stage of the dashboard where it says ACTIVE but no impressions or actions are showing. These Glass Doctor listings are not showing up on Google under any kind of ranking, either. I have a couple of accounts in this status, though, and they ARE ranking. Please help!! Are these all in purgatory? What are the next steps?

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You say they aren't ranking but are they live?

If so please provide links. I think I have a good idea what's up but want to investigate before saying too much and it would help my carpal and save me time if you could provide links so I don't have to go on a wild goose chase.

Thanks, Linda
No, these are not live and are not ranking. It says active, but I can't find them anywhere on Google. I thought I had a different listing that was live and ranking but had this in the dashboard, but it looks like I was wrong. Not seeing anyone with this dashboard rank at all.
I had this happen to an account last year. It never came out of that state. In our case, the listings were still live, but I think that was only because the listings were claimed in another account as well.

We ended up claiming the listings in new accounts and everything went back to as it was.

I remember thinking of it as purgatory, because the account wasn't suspended, or pending or anything like that.
Ya in the meantime I went ahead and searched a bit and could not find them.

Do you manage any other Glass Doctor franchises or just these 2?

Because in a national search I see some named just Glass Doctor and some names Glass Doctor + City, like yours are.

On the city pages of the corp site it looks like they show the names as Glass Doctor City BUT I wonder if each franchisee has an official DBA and the name is Glass Doctor City OR just really Glass Doctor.

My 1st guess is that city added to the name caused the problem and Google thinks these listings are GEO stuffed.

There are Bank of America locations all over the US. And they are all just named Bank of America. So my guess is that Google thinks the names in your dash are GEO stuffed. BUT if each franchise is officially named Glass Doctor + City then it's a different story. Not sure how to prove it to Google.

So lets start there. Answer the Qs in red. Then based on your answer I may request a screen shot of the edit screens too.

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