Nov 17, 2015
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Hello, we have a local <acronym title="Search Engine Optimization">SEO</acronym> marketing firm in Dublin that now is growing so big that we need to start outsource our work and/or find any automated software to speed up the process.

This is here that we have a problem, find a software that automate our work for clients all over Europe. With so many different languages and countries it is a challenge to even fins a solution that fits more than 1 of our country's/languages for the services we are looking for.

Does someone know of any software to use for automating the Local <acronym title="Search Engine Optimization">SEO</acronym> process with support for European companies?
Any tip is worth taking a look into.

I wish that Whitespark, BrightLocal, Yext and other like those had support for European countries. The most of our clients is in Austria, Germany, Croatia & Estonia. That could be worth mentioning if any of these software's could possibly have support for any for these country's that I have missed. Many thanks ahead!

(Tips of any professional company taking on outsourcing for local <acronym title="Search Engine Optimization">SEO</acronym> clients based in countries outside of USA, UK & Australia would be worth gold to me.)

Oct 25, 2013
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I've gotten good outsourcing help in the past at times using odesk and such, but the big secret with hiring that I've learned with my limited amount of experience with such things... don't look at those sites as a solution in and of themselves. They're just another vehicle to find good people, and it could very well take a few tries before you find someone good, and even if you do find someone good you'll need to know how to recognize it before they've finished getting up to speed. It takes a while after all to learn this stuff.

Citations are probably the most sketch (and common) thing to haphazardly outsource. You need someone very organized, detail centric, and thorough about searching for duplicates and such. None of it's super hard, but the person (people?) you'll find will take a little while to really get up to speed, so make sure you account for that in the schedule. Hiring new people is rarely an instant time savings, and can often cost a little more up front while everyone's getting comfortable with what's going on. Definitely look at finding the right person as a long term investment, someone that will be there to help make the wheels turn for a long time. Some of the people here working in those markets might have good packaged solutions for you too, we'll see what people have to say.


Nov 17, 2015
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Thank you very much James. I have now made a post on in order to find competent freelancers. I hope this will give us the results we need because now it is starting to get really stressful without the resources for our company to take care of.

Please if there is more tips out there I will be super happy to explore other possibilities to hire freelancers!


Nov 17, 2015
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The Upwork seems to give some results but so far not what I did look for so I now edited the Job Post and was a little bit more specific. Lets hope that work. For listings I found some automated solutions now that had support for Germany, Austria & 1 more country we work in, Yext PowerListing. Is it worth investing in that when we only can use it on couple of clients?

And also I found Whitespark Citation Finder with support for 2 or 3 countries & BrightLocal had a service for Citation making that I think can be useful for the Hotels we are working with but again it is also a question of where you get the most value for the money. Poeple of Machine?

I need to add that we are now also working in Sweden and Norway now. Germany, Austria, Croatia and Estonia we also have clients in as before.
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