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Jan 5, 2016
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Hi All,

We used to be able to easily reach Google support via this link, but now it's not an option :(. Twitter and GMB Facebook take 24 to 48 hours to get a response, and because we manage an enterprise account with many locations, we always have 2-3 issues per day that have been piling up.

Any ideas on the best way to reach out GMB support with a shorter turn around?


*Found this link! But if anyone has any other ideas I'm all ears! :)
Hi Meghan

it's definitely getting harder to get in touch directly with GMB support - the second link you provided is usually the one I use though you may have to access it at different times during the day on occasion as sometimes it doesn't always work.
I think it was Joy that posted this but Twitter :eek: (@GoogleMyBiz) seems to be the way to go....

Takes forever (the usual higher than normal volume story) but I've had good results with them.
Hi Meghan,

Twitter and GMB Facebook are quite slow in response.

I've used the second link and somehow I got a nice response from the team.

Usually, they will take 7 days to proceed further and before that, they confirm a couple of things your phone number and email id for the future GMB admin.

I believe, you should go to the second link.

I'll share my experience soon so it may help in the future as well.

First time I see this Talk to a Specialist link. Thanks for posting. Does it actually work? I mean better than Twitter support?

Twitter support may take forever to respond but in the end it's the only reliable solution.
Hi Nikos,

This works really well.

There were 40 to 44 minutes call including they put on hold as well while confirming all the details.

So I personally believe it works better than twitter support.
I haven't called in in a long time now, but I think that's all the 'talk to a specialist' is. They outsourced to India a long time ago now, so for some problems you'll get satisfactory help, for others they will give flat out wrong advice. Call in support is best when you already know exactly what you want them to do. If you're relying on them to guide, they might point you in the wrong direction. It's definitely a good fallback for simpler requests though, especially given the wait with Twitter support.

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