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Jul 18, 2012
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I like to keep up to speed on the latest and greatest local SEO techniques, strategies, etc. Like all of us in here, I do that mostly by following this forum, following various blogs in our industry, etc. etc. but are there any "affordable" paid training/private options out there? I'm looking to spend under $100/month in on going training.

I'm currently trying the Local Marketing Institute training at $27/month and so far it seems pretty good but I just joined so the verdict is still out.

Are there other options I should be looking at? I want training that provides everything from local SEO tips and strategies but also training on running a local SEO business (i.e. how to get leads, how to outsource, how to manage projects, etc.).

So 2 votes for "The Expert's Guide to Local SEO." Cool. I didn't realize it was so affordable. I could have sworn Joy's training was $2,000 or something crazy at one time. I didn't realize she dropped the price (or perhaps this Expert's Guide is a different training guide).

Does her training go into the agency side of things at all? I want ongoing training not only on best practices for local SEO but also on how to run a successful agency or consultant business (i.e. how to get leads, how to improve your sales, how to price your services, how to outsource, etc.). I haven't been able to find a training program that goes into this. It seems all the training out there is how to do local SEO but nothing on how to build and grow a local SEO business as well:(

Hey Travis, yes the guide used to be up around that price range but it has dropped since.

There are a few sections in the guide that have to do with the agency side such as how to communicate return on investment in your reporting.

But it doesn't go into sales or outsourcing related material.

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