Ben Bowen

Oct 27, 2013
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Hi all! I am considering dabbling with PPC for my family's landscape design-build firm. Over the next couple months I want to develop a strategy and a couple landing pages.

Is there a guide for the relative beginner that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance!
Oct 25, 2013
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I learned a lot back in the day from Perry Marshall. It looks like he's still making new versions of his ultimate guide to Google Adwords, and it looks like it's only $10. I haven't followed Perry in years, but I feel pretty confident it'd still be a good use of 5~10 hours to read through that as a primer.

You should also bookmark the official Google adwords help forum, many of the posts might be more arcane than useful, but it's always good to know some places to go to ask questions.

As far as other avenues (Facebook, etc) other people will have to weigh in on that one, though if you can acquire a list of landscapers (either from a list vendor or a scraper) you can target them on Facebook, i had good luck doing that with photographers at least.

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