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Sep 5, 2016
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Hello Everyone

This question relates to situations like shops within Malls and restaurants in hotels, similar to practitioner listings

I am beginning a citation review for a new client and they have a number of restaurants within there premises and a well known citation review and removal tool (Moz)is coming up with these restaurants when using the main locations address details as duplicate

However I don't want to remove them as I want to make the restaurants rank within there own right, as they have quite a bit of brand recognition but I don't want them to impact the main location to much but surely google is smart enough to tell the difference

I have got all the locations I am concerned about verified on GMB but I am wondering what to do in regards the data aggregates like factual and other sites such as yelp

any help would be very welcome

Thanks in advance

Hi Callum,

What type of business is your client? Are they a mall?
Hi Colan

they are Hotels with restaurants within them and a company within a shared work space

Thanks for your help

Hi Callum,

You could try Google Maps Indoor. Hotel is a specific category. We have used it with some success with shopping malls. Contact them here:

If that doesn't go anywhere it gets harder. I would start with a side by side list of the hotel NAP and the restaurant/shared workspaces NAP to identify exactly where the problems are. Hopefully that list is not too long.

Next, should any of those have suite numbers or truly separate addresses?

For problem locations I like to compare against each GMB and USPS zip lookup (link below). This can help uncover any that may be easier to correct. (While you're at it, record all of the GMB urls for future reference). With luck you'll find differences that you can use to disambiguate business listings.

You can contact GMB support. They can actually help sometimes. We have the best luck via Twitter. Send a DM to @googlemybiz.

Here is the USPS zip lookup:!input.action

I hope something here helps!


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