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Jul 23, 2012
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Good Evening Everybody,

I would like to know what you're currently doing to turn up duplicate listings for clients. For a long time, I felt that the phone number in search did a good job. Then, as Linda reported, it stopped working and then started working again. However, I am beginning to think that I'm not getting accurate results from this technique and wonder if you have other or better techniques that you use and that you care to share here. I don't believe we have a post like this in the Dupes section of our forum and believe it would be helpful to many members!

Thanks for contributing!
Hi Miriam,

Great question, I look forward to the feedback.

For the most part I do a phone number search on Google Maps. But I also do a search for city + client name, and a search for the business name on it's own. I have missed a few duplicates in the past when I only searched for the phone number. In these cases it was back when Google had phone number bugs where the fax# was the only number displaying, so the main phone number search didn't pick it up.

Occasionally I'll also search the phone number in the places account, in the spot where you enter a phone number to claim or start a new listing. I've seen these results differ from a regular maps search on a few occasions.

I also hit up Map Maker as there could always be duplicates that are there on the back-end but aren't displaying in Google Maps.
Great question Miriam and perfect answer Colan. Just what I would have suggested.

Your average run of the mill dupes will usually show up with phone search in maps. HOWEVER if client has dupes out there due to an OLD number or a TRACKING number then they may not show.

So I do shortest version of name and city. When I say shortest version of name I mean, in case there are other versions of the name. So if name is Alpine Dental Esthetices Inc. I'll just search for Alpine Dental.

I also sometimes will search KW + their street address and city.
Hi Colan,
Thank you so much for your reply. Could you link to the place in MapMaker where you sometimes search? I'm still a total novice in MM. Thanks!

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Hi Linda,
I really like your shortest name tip. That's a good one! But yes, if the dupes stem from an old phone number you don't know, I think it could be easy to miss them. I like your suggestion. I hope others will weigh in here, and I'd definitely like more info on using MM for this.

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