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Mar 3, 2014
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Hi so I am curious what is the best method for a small business to get +1's?

Do other businesses share the +1 love and pass it around?

Or do you post articles and hope for the best?

Thank you for any tips.

My local biz has almost 1000. I post articles, from our blog and elsewhere. Some I post "public", others to specific communities. I post pictures of our finished product- which gets the most response. I also joined two communities for the city I live in. I post stuff related to the city and get a lot of interaction that way.

I don't post for the +, but have found that visuals get the most love.
IF you can publicly post photos of kittens and puppies, somehow related to your product. You'll get plus ones every time.

just include text inside the image that says "click plus 1 if you like this!"
Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it

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Hi Ben,

Do you find that just posting to the public gets found? Or is specific communities better?

I am afraid with public posting that my construction posts will get lost under the cute kitten posts

Thank you
I am afraid with public posting that my construction posts will get lost under the cute kitten posts

if construction is your market, kittens might not be the best way to go! but you get the idea, think what types of photos your market is entertained by. what types of photos do they pass around or think are funny. construction fail type photos maybe?

The bulk of my +'s are from communities. And the "Portland" community has been more generous than my industry specific ones. I never post anything promotional to the "Portland" community.

However, as I get more followers, I also get +'s from posting to Public.
I've got a friend in that niche, and I've seen him do real well with pictures of amazing and/or futuristic homes. Luxury homes in the form of tree houses, etc.
I have 15 clients and access to their Google accounts. I +1 each business page from those accounts. It's not many but it helps.
Great tips. I agree that funny pictures help maybe. I once saw one that said basically don't make your friend mad if he knows how to use a backhoe. And the picture was of a truck with a ditch dug all the way around it, almost making the truck look like it was on a hill.

Funny stuff.

I see your point. Thanks for the tips.

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