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Feb 19, 2019
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Hi all. I've just started working with a multi-location business that frankly has a huge GBP mess. Each location has multiple listings, and most of their listings are suspended thanks to the duplicates. My goal is to get each location a single, verified listing. Many of the duplicate listings have reviews we'd like to keep as well. What is the best approach?

Should I get a single main listing for each location unsuspended, and then contact support and have them merge the suspended listings into that one listing? Or do I need to get them all verified before they will merge them (is that possible?)? Do I even have a chance rescuing the reviews on the duplicate listings?

I appreciate your expertise! I've worked with GBPs a lot but never had to clean up someone else's mess like this before.
If the listings are true duplicates and the business only qualifies for one listing, you will not be able to get any of the suspended ones reinstated.

If the listing info on the duplicate listings is the same as a verified listing (phone number, address, website etc) you can ask Google Support to transfer the reviews from the duplicates to a live, verified listing. They should be able to transfer them as long as they are true duplicates and you have access to all of them in the same account. Just make sure to really spell it out for support, like "I need to transfer the reviews from (listing URL) to this listing (URL)." and list out each one separately,

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