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Sep 12, 2012
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That's a lot of great information JoshuaMackens. I appreciate your instructions!
OK, it worked! I tried a couple likely gmail addresses, and one worked!!! Yay! Can't tell you how difficult and long a journey this has been. I now have access to the GMB and YouTube account. Wow!! Can't get over it! Really appreciate you taking the time.
OK, now as to deleting both of my verification & duplicate location attempts in GMB, that does not seem easy. Google gives no less than about 16 options once I choose the items to delete. The options all seem scary. Maybe I will look in the gmail I just reclaimed to see if there is a request I can approve from that end, no matter how long ago that was.

At this point, those listings aren't hurting you. You can leave them there. But if you ever need to declutter, I wouldn't be afraid to delete them.

Glad everything worked out! :)


Sep 25, 2022
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Working for an established dentist in Dunedin, FL, and they recently asked if I could try to rank them for nearby Clearwater, FL also. So for the nav tab 'Location' on the website I changed the url to be: name-of-site/contact/dunedin/. On that page, below their address, phone & google map, I added this verbiage:
'Did You Know?
Our location in Dunedin is near Clearwater. View map here.
We are just 10 minutes, 5.1 miles from Clearwater.'
So the 'View map here' link takes you to a new page with the url: name-of-site/contact/clearwater
On this page is the same verbiage about how near Clearwater is to Dunedin, with another google map showing the route from Dunedin to Clearwater in minutes & miles.
You can only get to the 'Clearwater' page from the link on the Dunedin location page.
Since then Search Console has flagged some problems:
• update your robots.txt file to unblock your page
• The URL was indexed. It has duplicate URLs, but we consider this one to be canonical. It is not explicitly marked as canonical, and so we recommend explicitly marking it as canonical
I am now questioning if I created these pages correctly at all, and what is the proper way to straighten this out!
I probably should have checked here first. It's just that an SEO friend's advice was to 'just create another page'.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Yes there is, like this, Best Attorneys in city state. Take your main keyword phrase and just add the words in plus city and state, example for the above.
Best Attorneys in Tallahassee Tennessee. Also experiment with just using the city and or state.


Mar 30, 2017
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Hello and thank you for this. However, where exactly are you advising to place this info (Best Attorneys in city state)? In an anchor tag, headline or everywhere? Please advise, thanks.

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