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Jan 10, 2022
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I have a practitioner profile (family practice doctor) who is no longer with the company. She is attached (same address / located in) to one of the locations. As I created the her business profile alongside the locations profiles and other providers what is the best way to remove her? From the GMB Help it appears I can select her business profile and choose "Remove Business", then in Maps suggest a change that her profile is no longer at that address. Is this the best way to proceed and not adversely affect the other business profiles? All of this is created / managed from one Google MB account.

Thank you
If you cannot make this her problem (by making her owner of the profile), then the approach you outlined is the one most likely to gain a move. However, "freed" profiles have a tendency to abruptly disappear on their own, so for fairness' sake, you might wanna try to make a user move suggestion while you still control the profile first.

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