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Apr 11, 2013
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One of my clients is a law firm with a Business name like the following:
Rosenberg & Dalgren, LLP

They get A TON of organic search traffic on their brand name above, but most people (95%) search "Rosenberg and Dalgren" instead of "Rosenberg & Dalgren". Notice use of ampersand being used and alternatively, the word "and" being used. Currently, their local citations across the Internet (G+, YP, Yelp, etc) use the business name, "Rosenberg & Dalgren, LLP" (with ampersand).

Here is the dilemma we are in...

When someone searches "Rosenberg and Dalgren" in Google (which the majority of our search traffic does), Google does NOT show our local one-box on the right hand side of the SERPs (see example of a one-box I am referring to here

But when someone searches "Rosenberg & Dalgren" in Google, it does trigger our local one-box with photos, review ratings, links to our Google+ Local page, etc. WHICH IS GREAT! They have AWESOME reviews that command powerful social proof. We want that local one-box to show up!

So my question is, what can I do to trigger that local one-box for both brand name searches for "Rosenberg & Dalgren" as well as "Rosenberg and Dalgren"?

I am considering changing our NAP citations to have the business name be "Rosenberg and Dalgren" since that is what 95% of people search in Google to find them. I am guessing Google doesn't quite understand that "Rosenberg and Dalgren" is linked to "Rosenberg & Dalgren" via what it sees in the knowledge graph of the Internet (citations, website, etc).

So how best should I handle this and get that local one-box triggering for the majority of our branded search traffic?

Lastly, what is the best advice for including company/corporate designations in the NAP citations? (ie. LLP, LLC, Inc, etc)

Thank you for any help and guidance! We appreciate it!
Hi Deke,

I can't even find Rosenberg & Dalgren, LLP in Google. What city? Or better yet, please provide link to site and G+ L so I don't have to search.

I need to research a couple things before I answer.

I have clients with the same issue, but they currently get a local knowledge panel (LKP) or one box for a search with "and" in their name.

First, I wouldn't base any strategy on something as new and flakey as the knowledge panel.

Second, I think Google understands that "&" means "and". If they haven't figured that out by now, we're in trouble.

Third, I assume the example is fictitious, so it depends a lot on just how obvious and unique the name is. For example, Smith and Smith might result in a LKP in Memphis, but not in Pittsburgh.

Fourth, you can help Google figure it out by interspersing the alternate version of the name in various places, ie. in title tags, alt tags, anchor text, etc.

Lastly, you could add it to their MapMaker record.

Hmmm... maybe I should take my own advice.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the advice and your willingness to help me out.

The name I used is fictitious, but very close to what the actual business name is. I am working under a non-disclosure so I can't share the actual business name.

It is very discouraging that the one-box doesn't appear for brand searches using the "and", as we get hundreds of them each day and I truly believe the one-box displaying our review rating and other details would go a long way in cementing social proof and trust.
Well I was asking because wanted to see the site, but think I can explain generically....

Here is what I was thinking. The knowledge panel is triggered by the organic algo I believe. It will make the connection and pull in local if there is a Place page, but on-site signals are what would make the most difference.

So I was just thinking on home title tag put "Rosenberg and Dalgren". And in a couple image alts. I really think that would do it and customers I don't think look at the title bar that much. They'll see what's on the page. And like you said most search for AND and are not even going to notice the AND in title bar.

Keenan suggested some of the same things too. Great minds think alike!
Linda & Keenan,

Thank you so much for your insights.. I will be putting them to use and will certainly report back with any updates on what I have learned.

Linda, as a quick way to see if using the "and" as opposed to "&" in on-site copy can make a difference with the appearance of one-box, I am temporarily changing our global header image logo to a text-version that uses "and" instead of "&".

That might show Google we are both.

I do have a final, somewhat related question for you two...

When building citations, should the law firm list their business name as...

Rosenberg & Dalgren, LLP (notice us of comma before LLP)
- or -
Rosenberg & Dalgren LLP (notice no comma before LLP)

Does it even make a difference whatsoever?

As far as using commas, it won't make a difference which you choose, but choose one!

Consistency is extremely important when building citations. You need to make sure that your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is exactly the same throughout each directory.

If you go with Rosenberg & Dalgren, LLP or Rosenbert & Dalgren LLP Make sure you don't flip flop between the two!

It will create inconsistent directories!
the same is true with addresses.
If you are at 123 Sesame Street Suite 5 make sure your formatting is consistent.
Don't mix it up and do 123 Sesame st. ste. #5 or other abbreviations if you do not plan to do them all like that.

I would go off exactly what you have on your Google Places (or Google + Business Page) right now.

Hope this helps!

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