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May 3, 2018
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A new client isn't able to add me to here GMB account. She gets the following failure message: "You are unable to invite additional users as this Brand Account has been blocked."

I've only had enough exposure to Brand Accounts to know that they are more frustrating than helpful. (For me anyway.)

See attached screenshot. The only clue I can pull from it is that the URL contains "/1/" which tells me it is a secondary Google account. The primary account would contain "/0/" in the path. Not sure if that's useful.

Anyone seen this before? Please help!

Hi @Stefan Somborac

Is the biz owner using multiple logins in the chrome browser?
I have had the browser get confused about which profile I'm using, and it does funny things.

If she is using the multiple logins, I recommend she log out of all users, clear cookies and log in on the account that owns the listing.

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