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Sep 3, 2014
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I discovered that one of my clients has
  • a "brand" knowledge panel and
  • one of the coveted MREIDs

That's a first for my little SEO agency, most of our clients are very small, local SMBs. This client is a big one, though, and has been in business for nearly 40 years.

How can I put those two "virtues" to good SEO use for the client?

For once, I think this is NOT "In the Guide"...
Hey Tim,

What's a MREIDs ?
Hey Tim,

It would be useful to see the specific example. But without seeing that here are some thoughts.

The main thing you can do is make sure the source (is it Wikipedia in this case?) is filled out with as much important information about the business as possible. Especially if they have written books or contributed to authoritative studies or publications. The category that is shown on Google appears to be automatically generated based on the opening paragraph of Wikipedia

You can also help Google connect social profiles by using SameAs schema markup on your homepage as defined by Google here.
@Tim Colling, does the question boil down to "My client is in Wikipedia; how much benefit can I wring out of that?"

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