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I too see the same, Google accidentally removed the 3 map pack from search results, and I see no article about this! Is it a bug on Google's end after the Google spam update....
One of my colleagues shared this morning that there are some huge outages with Google Maps currently:

Shortly after, we had several clients emailing us saying they weren't seeing local packs at all on Google.

Searches in Google Maps aren't even working, either.


Don't stress guys - there is no way this is intended and hopefully things are back working soon!
We are also seeing this issue. As Bluetech2003 mention, there is a confirmed outage with Google Maps Google Maps Platform Status Dashboard
Naturally, this impacts both Google Maps and the Local Pack/Local Finder within the SERPs.
Naturally, both Maps Embed API and Directions API being out may also affect any embedded location maps (or other systems using these APIs) on client's websites.
From what we can see this isn't impacting all users though.

I'm curious what the commonalities are for affected/not-affected users. Time will tell.
I posted about this issue today in a different thread so I'm going to merge the threads.

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