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Jun 26, 2019
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Howdy y'all, I saw an article posted today on searchengineland referencing a study recently done by BrightLocal where they analyzed GMB metrics for 45,000 profiles and some of the insights were new to me so I figured I would share! I did a search to see if anyone was talking about this study yet on the forums and I either couldn't find it, or am not very good at using the search function :)

Link to full analysis (contains a link to data used for study as well): Google My Business Insights Study

Of particular interest to me was the data shared in the article that shows the strong correlation BrightLocal found between actions taken and the number of photos listed on a GMB profile:


Even more interesting to me was the breakdown of some of the statistics at the industry level. This will help me benchmark my performance against other in my industry and also shows me that I probably need more than 150 photos (I work in the hotel industry).

For restaurants and hotels it totally makes sense - - I always look at photos for those businesses and expect to see many photos, e.g., interior, dishes, rooms.

For professional services, I would expect far fewer--I'd like to see the office, owner/staff.

One exception would be cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic surgeon - - I would most definitely want to see multiple examples of each type of procedure offered.

So, from my own expectations/experience, it makes sense, but 100+ photos is surprising. According to this study, clearly works for certain industries.

Thanks, for sharing...very interesting!
Interesting study. I would be careful though not to assume causation rather than correlation. It makes sense to me that GMB listings that get a lot of actions also happen to be the ones that post a lot of photos. It's not necessary the photos that are causing the actions or that 100 is a magic number that triggers more actions.
I do look at this as a great reason for local biz/orgs to take compelling photos for GMB. Especially if they're of decent enough quality and described properly.
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