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Aug 12, 2013
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We maintain the primary listing for a real estate agency — they would like to get all (or most) of their agent's GBPs live...there are about 20 agents. Can this be accomplished via bulk upload?

Couple things:
  • is this a good idea? to both create all those listings and try to create them via bulk upload
  • what address should be used? I read something from @Colan Nielsen saying they should use their home address or hide it (as a SAB) but not sure how you do that with the bulk upload CSV
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Hey @valentinb13 In order to do a bulk upload they can't be SAB's so the residential set up wouldn't work. I would advise against creating all the agent listings at the same address as the agency for the reasons mentioned in the article. If there is now way around it, I would make sure that the agent listings just have the agent name, and link to the specific agent website or page within the agency website.

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