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Feb 23, 2015
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The business has 2 different websites (different business services offered) with same phone number and address on both.

One of the websites is already listed in GMB which I have access to.

How do I add the second website to GMB, do I add it in the same account?

I spoke with Google GMB team and they weren't 100% convincing, it was a case of suck it and see if it works.

Any advice?
I'm confused.
  • two businesses, different services
  • one phone #
  • one address
  • one G Local page?!
Not understanding why you would put a second website on the one google local page if that second website offers a different service?
The idea behind the local pages is not just to show up in a branded search, but a category search.
So the second website would theoretically have a different category, and that would undermine what you're trying to achieve with the first website + Local page relationship.

Do I misunderstand your question/situation?
The pros here at the forum could go many directions with your question. Could you share more info? The industry or vertical, website, GMB page, why two sites but same address and phone, etc

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Sorry I must not be making myself clear.

1. Website one is solar panels
2. Website two is related to building developments & self storage
3. The business has different websites, different business names for the different offerings, and have the same address and phone number.

There currently is a GMB account. Do I just use the existing GMB and create another listing (rather than creating a second GMB account), even with the same phone and address.

Do both businesses have the same name? Is there 1 entity listed on local business license or 2 business licenses?

Google allows for an auto dealer and the parts department to have their own GMB pages. Which allows each to pick their respective categories in the dashboard and ultimately improve rankings.

Sharing the same address isn't a big deal as long as customers can actually visit the business and as long as staff is at the location during business hours.

I would not be sharing the phone number however. That is confusing to the algorithm. Different name and phone, you should be good.

Same name, address, phone but two business pages will most likely cause issues. Not sure the the two sites will be enough to avoid confusion IMO though I've seen crazier things happen.

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Different names, different websites, that target different categories in GMB, however the same address and the phone number is the same.

What do you think?
Different names, different websites, that target different categories in GMB, however the same address and the phone number is the same.

What do you think?

You might run into problems with same phone number as Cody mentioned. If they are two truly separate businesses, why would they share the same phone number?

The main problem you may run into is Google marking one of the listings as "Possible Spam" or marking one of them as "a possible duplicate of another listing"
Are either of the businesses actually serving clients at their location?
Colan & Cody are right. The algo assumes a real business will have it's own phone#, answer the phone with that specific name. Plus and ideally have different staff and different entrance.

WHY? The rule is one listing per business, per location. Not one listing per website.

Spammers and others that don't know create extra sites and names to just try to rank for different things and that's considered spam. A Handyman for instance could have a kitchen remodeling site, a fence repair site, a junk hauling site. But it's really just one company offering multiple services. He can only have one listing.

So it boils down to some of the issues Cody and Colan raised.

Are the services really different enough to be considered totally separate businesses? Do they each have a business license? Do they have different phone #s and also signage???

If I'm a Google moderator, looking for violations and I check street view, what do I see? What business name is on the sign if there even is a sign?
Hi, so the consensus seems to be that even though there's 2 separate websites, it's one business.

There already is an existing website for business 1.

What's the best way to do with a GMB listing for business 2, which is effectively a different category?

Weren't you able to have separate pages recently? has Google done away with that?
Hi, just bumping this to see if anyone has thoughts on what's the best way to move forward with this?
After thinking this over I am now starting to think that the best way to deal with this is to add a new page on the 1st original site around the subject, and try and get the GMB listing to show up for the page and keyword, and on this page has a link back to the 2nd new site that has more info on the subject.

Has anyone any thoughts on this solution?

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