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Dec 25, 2012
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So I have a situation where we were located in one town but are now moving 20 miles away. This business has already been located in the town we are moving back to. When we moved a year ago I started a new places page with a new email and site for the new town. I still have a site up for the town we are moving back to and I believe that places page still exists in google it is just not active.

I would like to somehow cancel the one in the town we are moving away from (I know I need to do more than just dissociate the email with the business, just can't remember the best practice for getting that one out of the listings.

I also need to active the previous listing again, I logged into that email and although the listing wasn't associated with the email anymore I was able to type it in and find that it is listed as inactive (or whatever term they use) I saw that I had an option to verify by phone or send the post card. Is there a downside to verifying by phone? It sounds faster than the post card.

So basically I want to make sure the other listing is gone before I activate the old one again (im assuming that having two listings would be an issue) does this sound right to everyone?

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