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Jul 30, 2018
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I work for a business let's call - we are having issues getting reviews as customers refer to in the content and Google considers it a URL, filtering it out.

To add to the confusion, it will appear to be posted for the reviewer but not publicly.

Does anyone have experience with this? Tips to overcome it? In addition, explaining this to customers has proved difficult and any insights are appreciated.
Hey Fred,

I really don't think there is anything you can do other than asking your customers to NOT mention your business name in the review. Just blame it on Google ;)

Since this is algo related I don't think there is anything GMB support can do to help you out.

With that said, it couldn't hurt to contact GMB support to see if they have any suggestions.

I ran this by Google and they said they will likely unfilter them. Can you post a thread over at the Google My Business forum and post the link to the thread here? You'll need to list the exact business and some screenshots of the filtered reviews if you have them. Then I can escalate the thread to Google for you so they can hopefully fix it.

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