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Aug 5, 2013
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Hello! Will someone please help clarify? I was told it is against Google guidelines to include the name of the business in the description on a Google+ Local page. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!
Hi Ginger,

It's not against the guidelines. It's a best practice recommendation some of the experts, including me, suggest. Some of us feel like certain things in the description can trip a red flag and even cause ranking penalties.

One of the things I stress in my course is "Learn to think like Google". Learn the spam patterns that trip filters and avoid those patterns.

What does a 3rd world spammer write for a description?

Joe's Plumbing is the best Plumber in Atlanta. Need a great Atlanta plumber?
Call Joes Plumbing for all your Atlanta plumbing needs.

There is another reason not to repeat name. In the old dash you only had 200 characters. Why waste precious space repeating anything that's already at the top of the listing? I'd rather use that space for something important. Things that could impact direct clicks or click to call conversion rates.
Things like; features & benefits that set you apart from the competition and a call to action.

In the new dash you have more characters but still should keep it short, tight and well written.

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