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Sep 16, 2018
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One of my client's competitors has two GBP for the same address, and both have issues. One GBP is named the name of a class they teach in the building (not a business name). The other GBP is for a Gun Shop that used to exist, but there is no longer a retail store at that location. They only teach classes out of the building.

When you go to the location, there is no signage on the building. Just a small sign in the back that says something like 'Closed except for classes'.

My client has a real in-person gun shop and also teaches the same class at their location. The competitor GBP ranks very highly for searches about classes because they've included it as their business name.

Since there is so much going on here, what is the best way to 'flag' their accounts? Start with suggesting an edit to the business name?
I would report the old gun shop listing as closed and I would suggest an edit to the current listing to whatever the actual business name is.
Thank you for the advice @Colan Nielsen. The classes are operating under the gun shop name... they are only teaching classes now, not operating a retail shop. So, I will try the suggest an edit to the name first.

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