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Mar 2, 2022
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Hey guys,

So I am experiencing more and more suspensions that seem to be related to the business title.
Today I re-verified a business that immediately was suspended, and that may not be related to the issue I am asking about as it might just be because they want to make sure it is a legit verification(?).

But if a business is called Construction Business and the website URL is i.e, and they also show conbus on the business vehicle like and, is that the business not representing it self accurately on GBP? Should conbus be represented in the business title..?

I had a case that took a while where I found out this was actually the issue since the business had Conbus Construction Business in the car, and the URL was When I added Conbus to the business title, the suspension was lifted..

*Construction business and conbus is just an example name..

Do anyone have some thoughts on this?
Hey @GBP-Rob, basically the GBP name should reflect the legal and real world name that the business promotes. That would include building signage, vehicle signage, registered business name, business cards etc. Personally, we've never seen a GBP get suspended due to the domain name used, as a huge percentage of websites don't have a domain that is an exact match to their business name. You may have already reviewed this, but the following Google article covers everything pretty well: Guidelines for representing your business on Google - Google Business Profile Help

Hope this is helpful!

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