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Jul 9, 2013
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Hey guys. So my business has two different dashboards that are accessible to me: the old places page and a new Google + page. When I sign into Google's places website, it takes me to the old dashboard. However, on my personal Google + page, apparently I've setup a Google+ business page and can access that through my personal Google+ page.

When my listing shows up on maps, it directs people to the new Google + page. What should I do??? Does this affect my rankings?? It seems like the old place page is dead for me, none of the changes I set through there ever populate. Should I delete the old page?

Should I delete the old page?

No don't delete! Then your ranking will totally disappear. The Place page is the only page that ranks on maps. A plain G+ page does not even show up on maps at all.

So you rank based on the combination page - Places + G+. Even though it looks like a G+ page inside, it's also a Place page.

Did you do the old way of manually merging the 2?

If so, after you merge that way Google said you are not supposed to edit in the Places dash.

Which is part of the reason Google also had been saying NOT to manually merge. But if you did, then you should only be editing in G+.
I believe I did merge them manually a while back. The issue I had was that after making changes on my local place page, I wasn't seeing the changes propagate in the search results.

Also, when I try to login to my places page, it takes me to the dead page. Will that disappear automatically?
Also, when I try to login to my places page, it takes me to the dead page. Will that disappear automatically?

You mean when you log into Places it takes you to the Place page?

It should and no it won't go away and you don't want it to. It's merged into your G+ page and like I said it's the only reason your G+ page is ranking.

It's not dead, again you just are not supposed to be making changes there after a manual merge. Only edit on G+ now.

If you had not manually merged then Google would have auto-upgraded you and then you could edit either page, but not the way you did it.
Hi Linda I had a client that had his listing in the old dashboard and could make changes there or in G+ dash. They weren't ranking in maps. Called support and they told me to delete the listing in the old dash. After doing so a few days later and he's now ranking.

Would his listing already have been merged prior to deleting it and that's why it didn't affect the rankings adversely?

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Not sure Chris don't have enough details but that does not seem right to me.

I think I'm missing some info, but in the purest sense, if you had a merged Place page in old dash and G+ page and if you then deleted the Place page, you would be left with a pure G+ page. G+ pages don't rank in maps.

Maybe it was dual claimed and that's why it was not ranking and why they told you to delete the listing you were managing?
I too was just talking with Google Support. Was showing old dashboard and New. Support told me to just delete the listings in the old dashboard. Still not touching them...

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