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Dec 12, 2013
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(linda, not sure the best forum for this - so I put it here. . . please let me know where you think it should go!)

I have a client that wants to create a directory in their area (crazy, because we talked about this on a thread a while ago and I was against the idea).

Anyway, they want to see if they can buy names for use in the directory. I have reached out to some directories that I am a customer of (in the other direction).

Does anyone have any experience with this, and do you have any idea what kind of price this is going to cost me? My client is in a medium sized tourist town, and want to create a directory for folks visiting the area.
What's the point of the directory? Is it just a resource for other businesses in the area, or are you actually looking to make money off it of? If it's just a city resource there might be alternatives to paying for data.
We built a directory for insurance agents and bought data from Acxiom. It wasn't cheap...
A lot of agents had cookie-cutter websites that they have little-to-no ability to optimize so we were looking for ways around it.

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