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Dec 19, 2014
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I was ranking in the #1 spot locally for a very competitive attorney keyword. I also had a practitioner listing ranked in the top for the same term. My client opened a new office in a near by city so I started adding citations for it. A few weeks later I started to see a drop in my local listings. Now the practitioner profile is out ranking it. Anyone see any drops like this after adding a new location?
Hi Warren,

Sorry there is not enough info so I'd be guessing in the dark without links to see the listings.

Just based on the little bit and without being able to investigate I feel pretty certain the practitioner listing is the problem but not sure about the new location and if it's playing a part.

But I bet if you dealt with the practitioner listing properly the main listing would pop back up.

Care to share links? If so, I'll move this down to help and support.
Hi Warren,

Thanks for the links. I can help more now. I see several issues here.

1st off the address of new location is hidden. Why is that?

Plus I don't see it listed on the site. The site only lists the Michigan St office.

Both things make me feel like the main office is Michigan and this new location may not be valid for a G+ L page. Is it at a Regus or shared office? Is it staffed full time 9 - 5:30 by their staff??? (FYI a Google moderator checking it out would think the same thing.)

The other issue is there is a closed listing at this address.

See all listings here: states/s/(407) 228-3838

When was that Gergely Lindsey listing closed???

See this post for more info: <a href="">Can "Closed" Google Local Listings Kill Ranking? Important New Troubleshooting Tip</a>

Also please explain all events above and ranking timeline.

Ranking dropped date
Gergely closed date
New location listing date
The rankings started dropping two weeks ago. There has been a slight drop in organic rankings but still on the first page.

The Gergely listing was closed about a year ago and the the new location was opened and verified on February 21 this year. The second location is much smaller and only houses a meeting room and an attorney office but has a full time employee there and operates the same hours as the main location.

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