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Apr 11, 2015
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Looking for answers for Unpaid, Natural or Organic SEO Ranking

Question: Can anyone rank page one on Google and without any backlinks, if no why not. If yes, how long would it take?

Hey Ana!

That is a LOADED question! Theoretically anyone can rank on the first page of Google. And it can happen super fast or it can take many years. Helpful answer, eh?

There are over 200 ranking factors and the factors vary depending on if we are talking about organic or maps/pack rankings.

What is the real challenge here for you?
I can rank #1 on Google within 3 days using a new website with 0 backlinks for the following search term:

Or millions of others...

If you want to rank for: lawyer nyc - well that's a different story.

Yes you can rank with no backlinks, but it is all completely relative. Every SERP is different. Really good on-site and traffic factors have been continually increasing factors (weighted) over the last few years, whereas backlinks have been continually decreasing factors.
Colan and Broland are right.

On the flip side, someone could have lots of links but have other things either not well optimized or done wrong and they won't rank even WITH links.

Oh and BTW if anyone can rank hebotoadbillslate in 3 days, it's Broland! ;)
Yes! Focus on a "local" market, use the proper keywords, dominate immediately. :)

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