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Apr 5, 2023
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I represent a mid-size family law firm. We have 3 locations currently, 2 in Kentucky, 1 in Indiana and have utilized BrightLocal and the citation builder for each of these locations.

I'm wondering if there would be value in creating a "location" for each of our attorneys to push out their contact data to aggregators/sites in conjunction with the traditional citation builder campaigns we are running for each of our 3 locations.

If we were to add in our Attorneys, perform a citation build, and push the information out, this would improve our citation amount, and thus our local rankings - correct? I am wondering if you've had customers in similar situations where they wanted to both monitor/create citations for both their business name and some employees that represent the firm. Data would be identical to our main "locations" (offices) other than business name, as we would use the attorney's name, the business description, contact information, images, and a slight variation on "extra business categories" dependent on the areas that specific attorney specializes in.

Additionally, could we still connect the attorney's citation builder to our Google My Business page for the office they are located in, or would this cause problems? We do not want to create/use individual Google My Business pages for each of our 10 attorneys, but see value in having their names and company-specific contact information being available across the web.

Please advise on if you all believe there is value in creating attorney-specific citations and if, in turn, doing so would improve our local rankings.

Thanks, all!

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