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Jul 18, 2012
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OK- I'm working on a plugin for Wordpress that is similar to WP Customer Reviews. It will be in schema format.

Question- is it possible to include location data in the review?

Does it help to have geo data in a review?

Here's the link to the markup:
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Sorry Chris, after a quick look at the original code, I just didn't really get the significance of what you were asking and didn't have time to reply.

FYI you can paste code here with one of the icons top right in your editor. I'm using code tag.

I think this gives folks a better idea about what you are asking. With the bare empty code in your 1st post, I didn't really get your Q. But now seeing some actual markup I understand what you are asking.

fn = Palmetto Dental Arts, P.A. – Dentist in Bluffton SC
organization-name = Palmetto Dental Arts, P.A. – Dentist in Bluffton SC
street-address = 347 Red Cedar St
locality = Bluffton
region = SC
postal-code = 29910
value = (843) 815-6500
latitude = 32.255921
longitude = -80.861948
Warning: The information will not appear as a rich snippet in search results, because the marked-up content does not appear to be the main focus of the page. More information. (Is this correct? Let us know.)
Warning: This information will not appear as a rich snippet in search results results, because it seems to describe an organization. Google does not currently display organization information in rich snippets
locale = en_us
title = Testimonials – Bluffton Dentist Reviews - Palmetto Dental Arts
url =
site_name = Palmetto Dental Arts

Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you. :eek: Even though I've used hReview markup I'm just not that well versed on all the options. And I bet no one can tell you for sure and it's one of those things you just need to test and find out???

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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