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Nov 14, 2022
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I have a client with a dental practice who is "combining forces" with another dentist that is located 1 mile away. Currently, they are completely separate businesses but through a deal they will become partners and they will operate out of 1 office instead of 2. Both have websites and GBPs. Dentist #1 (our client) is a new practice with relatively low authority. Dentist #2 has been open for many years and has high authority and Google Maps traffic and 2x as many reviews. Tricky part is that they would like to keep the location, branding, domain, etc. of Dentist #1, and sunset the brand of Dentist #2. (Dentist #2 is going to retire in the near future)

My question is: Is there a way to merge the two GBPs so that we can bring over the reviews from Dentist #2 to Dentist #1? We don't want to game the system, just wondering if there is a proper way to do this because it is a legitimate merger. And we can't just leave Dentist #2's GBP out there cause it will send patients to the old address where they will no longer have an office.

Would it work if we rebranded Dentist #2's website (following these steps from Joy Hawkins) and then their name on GBP to match Dentist #1 (as if it were a 2nd location), and then a month or two later change their address on GBP to match Dentist #1, and then attempt to merge the two profiles as if they were duplicates? Seems like Google might flag that but I'm hoping there is a way to navigate this unique merger. Any advice on how to best navigate this situation with maximum gain and minimal loss?
I am not sure that Google will allow the two businesses to be merged since they are two different companies. You may have to mark one as permanently closed.

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