Kayla Adam

Sep 4, 2020
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I am looking for recommendations for a Canadia SEO agency that specializes in local search and GMB specifically technical SEO and backlink (I have an in-house writer who does our content.) Having experience working with local health business is a plus because I run a naturopathic clinic neurvanahealth.com.

I have been working with an agency in the US for a few months and I worried that they have done more harm than good. I first hired them to help me with getting my GMB to rank in google and they told me I would see changes in 3 months and I have seen some but not as much change as they organically promised.

I also hired them for organic search and I'm concerned about the types of backlinks and presses release they have been creating on US sites that have no ties to Canada and some of the places they have been getting backlinks from having nothing to do with the service we offer at our clinic.

The final straw for me happened this week all of the terms that we were ranking in GMB and organically especially in the top 3 positions dropped this week.

I'm not 100% sure what the issue is but I think one of the reasons for this could be a duplicate list of a practitioner GMB that has been causing problems for use since August. The agency we were working with wasn't much help with it when I brought up the problem. After doing some research in September I decided the update the practitioner GMB to a different category homeopath to see if that would help our GMB rank better for the target keyword we were trying to rank for. I am worried that doing this caused Google to that google now thinks that we are a homeopath and that is what is causing the fall in rank so suddenly.

Other things that I think might be causing a problem are:

1. GA4? Peculiar that it started to drop right when we turned on GA4
2. Use of the cookies policy - are we not complying with privacy with a cookies notification?
3. NAP not consistent and brand mentions not attributing correctly
4. Core Web Vitals. Could it be possible algo change or preparation for the new year as we see in search console a dramatic shift in errors in CLS?
5. Negative SEO attack? I recently let an Ads guy go and he wasn't happy about it.
6. Something else that the SEO agency that I was working with did
7. Losing any backlinks recently?
8. Using SEO Power suite on my computer causing Google to sniff "BS" and gaming. My use of the tool went up roughly the same time ranks started dropping. I have since discontinued using the tool.

I have contacted Sterling Sky but haven't heard back from yet and I need to get onto this ASAP. I am looking to create a relationship with an agency that can help me and would like to help grow with our company as we are bringing on 6 new practitioners over the next couple of months and have plans to start to expand across Canada next year. I need someone I can rely on and is excited to help us grow.

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