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Jun 13, 2013
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I am trying to add this address:

[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Units 5-6
North Close Business Centre

However, it just keeps reffering back to this:

North Close, Folkestone, Postcode

Should address line 1 be units 5 and 6? I have tried it in every way possible.
Hey Nick, Is there not a road associated with that address. I'm assuming this is in Kent. Also, if your comfortable offering some more information people will be able to help a bit more. Maybe a link to the GMB listing?
Hi Nick, I'm not great with overseas listings because it's hard to figure out addresses.

But it sounds like you are making the address the name of a building.
Needs to be a street address.

When I put the address on the site (minus suite) into Google Maps it does not locate it properly:
"North Close Business Centre Shorncliffe Folkestone Kent CT20 3UH"

But when I use the following address on maps, it can find it:
North Close Folkestone Kent or N Close Folkestone Kent it resolves.

Check this map:

Looks like the street is N Close or North Close.
Some have a unit # like you want and some are formatted more like yours but none list "North Close Business Centre" as an address. Also some have Kent, some don't. They are all formatted somewhat differently.

When I add Shorncliffe like address on the site:
North Close Shorncliffe Folkestone Kent

It resolves to: "Shorncliffe, adj North Close" like I'm trying to mention a cross street or something.


So in summary, my best guess is that you were just trying to add the address that you found on the client site without researching it 1st.

I cover some of this in training but you can't take the business name and address the client uses at face value and need to research it before adding to dashboard.

Sounds like they put their address on site in an informal way, more to describe to customers where they are, instead of using a formal mapable address.

If can't figure it out - do not wing it. Every time you change address on the listing it can cause problems and a ranking drop. Ask for help over at the Map Maker forum if unsure. Or research other ways that will show you NOT mailing addresses in Kent but official street addresses in Kent. Because I can't really tell if the street is really North Close and Google is just abbreviating to N Close or if N Close is really the street name.

Best guess is that address should not include the words Business Centre or Shorncliffe and I'm not sure if it should be Folkestone or Kent or both. Super confusing since all the businesses in that area are formatted differently.

This is all the time I can put in on this one as I've done a bunch of research, but somehow you need to figure out what the correct street address is. Then once you are sure and correct the G+ L, need to correct on their site to make it match.
I've had this a couple of times lately and have called support and got it fixed.

One of them I couldn't add a street number and the other I couldn't add the county and postcode to a US listing. Every time I hit save it stuck for a few minutes and then when I went back to the listing it showed a "we've reviewed or revised your listing and updated it" message

It *seemed* like the support rep could actually see why the data kept reverting and had a way to block it - she indicated that the listing was pulling the partial address from a 3rd party source. In both cases the address stuck after the support call and the NAP then matched the website and both listings started ranking and organic traffic jumped
Really good advice Brenden.

Support should be able to help IF he can't change it. I've had that happen too, where a suite # or whatever just won't stick and keeps reverting or being deleted.

But I think it needs to be researched 1st, to find out what the correct address is, because if it's formatted right I think it may be accepted. If not, then yes, next stop support.

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