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Sep 18, 2020
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Hi All,

I'm in an really unfortunate situation. We're working for a retail concern with multiple locations. Some of the primairy rights is in the hands of the local store owner.
At the most locations we've got the full admin rights to manage the GMB listing.

At one of them we don't have full access but the Local Store owner unfortunately died. So we can't get controle over that specific GMB listing.
I already contacted the support center of GMB and executed the steps that they advises but that didn't do the trick to get admin rights.
I don't get any reaction from their site now (almost 2 weeks ago). In the meantime i'm stuck with a GMb location that I can't control.

Does anyone have some other tips to get control?

Much appreciate the tips!
@JoyHawkins thanks for your quick reply.

The support collaborator told me to contact them after 3 days of no reaction of the store owner. (No reaction of course because the owner past away). So that's what I did after 3 days. I had to verify the request. Outcome was that my role is still the same - location manager.

Next up they advised me to follow the steps on Outcome was the same - location manager. The've asked me to send the screenshots for the steps that I took. On that e-mail I never received a reply.

Off topic: Great presentation yesterday at the Semrush Webinar.
Hey Vincent,

Well that's frustrating. Can you post a thread on the GMB forum and post a link to your thread here and I can ask Google what the next step is?

Make sure you include a link to the listing along with the case ID for your interaction with GMB support about this.
I'm following this, we have the same issue as well. Google just tells us to wait for a response, even though it has been almost two weeks...


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