Apr 4, 2016
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Anyone else experiencing this? GMB issue with Service listing showing up instead of Main dealership listing
Issue presents itself and then resolves a day or two later in most cases.

What's odd is the brand search for "dealership name" -- the main listings are often way more optimized than the Service Department listings
  • Hundreds more reviews
  • Way more photos
  • Way more optimzied
  • Categories are independent
Anyone else seeing this? In various conversations with GMB support, they say it's a "Google issue" and it is Google crawling that is pulling the less-optimized service page instead of the main dealership sales listing.
Jul 26, 2012
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This is affecting quite a few dealers and they are freaking out! When you search Google by dealer name It triggers the Service GMB causing mass amounts of phone calls to Service as well as wrong hours for sales. Dealers are panicking and agencies are suggesting crazy fixes.

It reverts back to sales in a few days, but then suddenly reverts to the service again. this has been going on for a few weeks. In the car dealer industry it doesn't take much to freak the dealers out!

Here is an example of one that reverted back to Service GMB a few days after it appeared to fix itself.
gates nissan richmond ky - Google Search.png

Would love to hear from our Google experts if they have heard anything from Google about it being a glitch being looked at. Some people on social media are advising Dealers to dump their service and sales GMBs asap! Any thoughts?

Paul Lappage

Jan 7, 2020
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I've noticed some anomalies like this when searching on my personal device, but when utilizing the Google Ad Preview Tool, it shows as intended.

Not sure it's Google using it's algorithm to anticipate that me, personally, will be looking for Service and trying to serve up the most appropriate property, or it's a genuine bug.
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