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Jun 28, 2012
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As the pros know, if you have an SAB with address hidden you need to be careful how you set up service areas.

Here is a good example of what can happen
if you get greedy & set your service area
for the entire state of Florida!


Your map marker that is... :p

Tee hee, Linda. Maybe they do underwater photography? Jacques Cousteau, anyone?
Careful Where You Put that Thang!
Another good one!


Here's a good on. She put that THANG on the other side of the country!

She's in VA and her service area has an 'oops' and put her marker on opposite coast in WA.


I'm helping her in this Google thread.

She said: "My business is in VA but it shows that it's on the west coast. I hit the directions button and it says, from my house, it would take me a couple days to get there!!"

Anxious to hear how her service area settings are listed and what the mistake was. I was guessing there was a typo and she put WA instead of VA. But not sure that's right cuz service area goes way out in ocean.

In that last case above, she said somehow she had a URL in service area and an incorrect city. Guess that could confuse Google.
Alas... One step forward - 2 steps back in Googleland.

The lady in that last Google thread took my advice and said YAY now my marker is in the middle of my town where it should be.

Checked her listing and 2 new problems.

1) Address is now showing, needs to be hidden.

2) But because it now shows I was able to see address is a UPS store.
Double whammy! :(

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