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Mar 10, 2020
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I have a client moving a few blocks from their current location at the end of the month. I ran a citation finder report through Whitespark (interesting that Bing Local citation didn't make it to the list). So now I have a list of 20 or so citations we need to update. Is there a good procedure for this? I'm mainly concerned with the when - update everything day of move, some prior, or wait until after.

And is there any delay in getting GBP to update the address?

Thank you.
I would start updating citations now as they can take time to get indexed.

I would update the Google business profile once they have moved. Or you could update it a week or so before just in case you have to do a postcard verification.
Hello Aaron, make sure you update your website address and social pages prior to updating the Google Profile. This will help avoid the verification process. Also I also recommend the citation update now so that it will all be ready in 2 weeks.
I updated the address in GBP today (10 days early), thinking we'd have to re-verify, but Google processed the address change immediately. Certainly wasn't expecting that. So now KP is showing the new address 10 days early. Nervous to switch back as that might cause issues with the change 10 days from now. I'm putting notice on the website that the new address is for November 26. Fortunately, the client is booked solid until after this date.
Yes, that's what I figured. I just noticed the GBP updates feature is active in the Knowledge Panel. I suppose that would be a good place to announce the move.
Also keep in mind for the next 9 days when the clients use the directions button they will be directed to the new office. Its a good idea to remind them that their appointment is still at the old office.

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